Water Oak car club delivers donations and much-needed supplies to Mexico Beach hurricane survivors

Members of the Water Oak Car Enthusiasts Club made a special trip recently in an effort to help make a difference in people’s lives.

Three members of the Water Oak Car Enthusiasts Club and their spouses delivered $500 donations to three families in need in Mexico Beach. All are struggling to put their lives back together six months after Hurricane Michael roared through the Panhandle.

The club raised $3,766 and collected three carloads of clothes, bedding and shoes for the residents still living in Mexico Beach after the community was devastated by Hurricane Michael in October.

Three members and spouses caravanned from Water Oak Country Club Estates to Mexico Beach to meet with Pastor Eddie LaFountain, of the First Baptist Church of Mexico Beach. He took the Water Oakers around the community and showed them the devastation the hurricane had caused to the area and residents. The group saw homes and buildings completely destroyed and met with residents who were still living in homes with half the structures missing.

Members of the Water Oak Car Enthusiasts Club took money and supplies to Mexico Beach in the Panhandle recently to help those who were devastated by Hurricane Michael last year.

The Water Oak group was told that it would be at least another six months before repairs can be made because there are no accommodations for any construction personnel to stay in Mexico Beach. Currently, the group was told, the construction crews are concentrating their efforts on the Panama Beach area.

The Water Oakers asked Pastor LaFountain if he could take them to three of the neediest families so they could pass out $500 to each to help them with food or medicine.

Hurricane Michael’s devastation is still quite evident six months after the storm roared through Mexico Beach.

He then took them to one residence where a 92-year-old husband was sick and lying on a sofa covered with a heavy blanket. The walls of the house were cracked, the ceilings were moldy and the roof had holes in it. His wife told the group that the electricity shuts off two or three times a day and the house was cold inside.

The group also was introduced to another resident living in one room of her home. And the third recipient of a $500 gift was a woman living with her mother because her home was completely destroyed. Pastor LaFountain said the woman’s husband needed medical attention but they didn’t have the money to pay a doctor.

The Water Oak contingent that visited Mexico Beach saw devastation at every turn, from homes to businesses to properties.

“We watched each person that we gave money to break down in front of us shaking, crying and then hugging us like we had given them a million dollars,” Club President Bob Galloway said. “We all were crying, as was the pastor.”

The car club also presented the Baptist Church with a check for $2,266 to be used as the pastor’s discretion in helping residents, Galloway added.

Members of the Water Oak Car Enthusiasts Club took three vehicles loaded with supplies to Mexico Beach to help Hurricane Michael victims.