We need an indoor pool not another boondoggle

To the Editor:

In reference to the article about the possibility of the Amenities Authority Committee purchasing La Hacienda, please note WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER El Santiago situation.
If the committee has money to purchase restaurants, why can’t they give serious consideration to providing at least one indoor swimming pool?  The only indoor pool in The Villages was in the Wellness Center. When the Wellness Center was closed, many of us begged and pleaded for an indoor pool, to no avail.
More residents have sun allergies and those who need a chair lift to get in and out of existing pools. Additionally, many or us take medications that react negatively to exposure to sun. These individuals, I think, merit consideration.
The Villages, a premier retirement community, is the only such facility in Central Florida that does not accommodate this unique population in their communities. Why is there no indoor pool in The Villages?

Libby Scobell
Village of Alhambra