Amenity fee cap elimination by PWAC

To the Editor:

On Monday, April 15 the Project Wide Advisory Committee (PWAC) voted to eliminate the Amenity Fee Cap.  The vote was six supervisors to eliminate the Amenity Fee Cap and two supervisors to keep the Amenity Fee Cap for residents that live in Districts 5 through District 11.  It’s in my opinion that the PWAC did not have the authority or jurisdiction to eliminate the Amenity Fee Cap.  They do have the authority to recommend to the SLCDD board to change the cap from time to time but NOT to eliminate the cap as stated in Resolution No 17-11 page 2 line F.  Which also can be found in the Villages District website. It states The Project Wide Advisory Committee can “Establishing from time to time a maximum Amenity Fee for the SLCDD owned Amenity Fees such that increases in Amenity Fees whether by Consumer Price Index, resale of a home or otherwise will not result in a Amenity Fee owned by the SLCDD having to pay in excess of such maximum amount.”  It’s in my opinion that Maximum Amenity Fee is the same as the Amenity Fee Cap.
Final approval is the responsibility of the SLCDD. On May 16 at 10:00 a.m. at The District Office in Sumter Landing the SLCDD Board is scheduled the vote on this issue.  If you care as much as I do please come to the meeting and express your opinion to the SLCDD Board tell them you do not want the Amenity Fee Cap eliminated.  We CAN NOT achieve this goal without you, the residents support.
It’s your money.
Please check the district website to confirm date and time of the meeting if there’s any future changes.

Jerry Vicenti
District 7 Supervisor
& PWAC Representative