Sarah Sanders should resign immediately

To the Editor:

Recently the chief spokesperson for the United States of America admitted to Mueller, as detailed in his report, that she willingly lied to the American people. The position of White House press secretary is an emblem of our democracy. We the people get our information from the press secretary, and as our employee, paid for by taxpayers, we deserve to trust that information. There must be trust between the American people, the free press and our elected leaders. Abusing and breaking that trust is a body blow to democracy. It is not an understatement to suggest that Sanders’ willingness to flagrantly and frequently lie to the American people is corrosive to our American way of life. Because if we can’t trust Sanders to tell the truth about things like the firing of the FBI Director (which she admitted), how can we trust her ever again? She’s shown she is simply a mouthpiece for the President’s propaganda and lies. She should resign immediately.

Carole Mellin