Villager nabs three medals in Senior Games hoops competitions

A Villager took home three medals in The Villages Senior Games competition last week.

Pete Smith, of the Village of Glenbrook, won three medals in basketball shooting competitions this past Friday in The Villages Senior Games.

Pete Smith, of the Village of Glenbrook, won the medals this past Friday in basketball shooting events. He competed in the 75-79 age division.

The Senior Games, which wrapped up this past Sunday, included competitions in a variety of sports, including Air Gun, Archery, Badminton, Bag Toss, Basketball 3-on-3, Basketball Shooting, Billiards, Bocce, Bowling, Fencing, Golf, Horseshoes, Kickball, Lawn Bowling, Petanque, Pickleball, Platform Tennis, Quoits, Sand Volleyball, Shuffleboard, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track & Field, Trap Skeet, Volleyball and Water Volleyball.

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