Villager wants to cut down tree damaging ‘curb appeal’ of his property

A homeowner had hoped to remove this tree from his yard in the Village of Belvedere.

A homeowner in The Villages wants to cut down a tree which he says is damaging the “curb appeal” of his property.

Keith Heck, who live at 2840 Manor Downs in the Village of Belvedere, sought permission Wednesday from the Architectural Review Committee to remove the magnolia tree from his front yard. He said the tree dwarfs the house and spans 24 feet of the 27 feet of his yard from the landscaping to the curb, according to his application to the ARC.

However, an arborist’s report has saved the tree, at least for now. The arborist found the tree is not diseased, its roots aren’t causing any damage and it does not present a safety concern.   

“This is a nice, healthy looking tree. I really can’t find any problems with it,” arborist David Van Vleet Jr. wrote in the report.

The ARC voted to deny the request to remove the tree.

Heck and his wife Cheryl bought the home in 2005 for $315,000.