Battle over garage extension in The Villages headed for hearing before CDD board

A battle over a garage extension in The Villages is headed this week for a hearing before a community development district board.

The garage in question is located at 2370 Five Forks Trail in the Village of Tall Trees. It is one of three homes in The Villages owned by Martin Eisner.

Martin Eisner’s garage extension in the Village of Tall Trees.
CARE stands for Citizens Against Reckless Expansion.

The enlargement of the garage has enraged his neighbor, Karen Phillips. She and about 50 neighbors, wearing large green CARE (Citizens Against Reckless Expansion) lapel buttons, showed up at the April 3 meeting of the Architectural Review Committee to express their displeasure with their neighbor’s project.

When originally proposed last year, Eisner’s garage addition was denied by the ARC because it was determined that the aesthetics were not harmonious with the neighborhood. A subsequent application from Eisner was approved by the ARC.

A public hearing on Eisner’s Village of Tall Trees property will take place during the Community Development District 6 meeting set for 9:30 a.m. Friday, May 17 at the District Office at Lake Sumter Landing. The facts of the case against Eisner won’t be made public until the public hearing. The CDD 6 Board of Supervisors will be called upon to act as a quasi-judicial body and cannot hear facts in the case prior to the hearing.

Homeowner with 'eyesore' driveway finally sees hope of resolving situation
The ARC in 2015 denied a driveway extension at this home in Bridgeport at Miona Shores, leaving the owner in limbo for several months.

Eisner’s contractor is Jerome Masonry. The owner, Jerome Wilson, was at the center of an epic 2015 battle over a driveway extension in the Village of Bridgeport at Miona Shores. In that case, the CDD 6 board was also called upon to make a decision.