Alert issued for Kohl’s shoplifting suspect who skipped date in court

An alert has been issued for a Kohl’s shoplifting suspect who skipped a date in court.

Stephanie Blanco, 27, of Leesburg, skipped an appearance she had been scheduled to make this week in Lake County Court.

A judge issued a warrant for her arrest and she is to be jailed without bond when she is apprehended. 

Blanco on May 22, 2018 fled the store at Lady Lake Crossing carrying a large flat purse and a Kohl’s mesh shopping bag, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department. She was pursued by the store’s loss prevention officer.

Blanco got into a dark Honda Ridgeline pickup truck after she dropped the stolen merchandise in the parking lot. The loss prevention officer was able to take a picture of the truck and its license plate. The merchandise she attempted to take included two pairs of women’s sunglasses, Adidas shoes and women’s clothing with a total value of $202.43.

Blanco had been using a shopping cart and a white cell phone was found in the cart. The phone proved to be crucial in tracking down the suspected shoplifter.

“I was able to make contact with Stephanie via her boyfriend’s phone and advised her of who I was and that I had her phone,” the police officer wrote in the arrest report. “Stephanie then began to get upset and cry stating that she was sorry she did not want to steal, but she was doing it to sell it and make money for her son’s birthday.”