The Democrats are out of ideas

Dennis Petrucelli

The 2020 Democrat presidential hopefuls along with their leadership comes right out of central casting as these Lilliputians continue to cross into Alice in Wonderland territory spouting their illiberal puffery.  In Democrat speak “no” means “no” only as respects the #MeTooMovement and hasn’t any application to the Mueller report.

Consequently, the political hacks who comprise the various Democrat controlled House Committees continue their chicken eating melodrama concerning Donald Trump and William Barr.  The characterization of which is a Usual Suspects routine spawning the equivalent, and having the same validity, as the noted movie characters Keyser Sose and his intermediary Kobayasahi.  Ironically, they juxtaposition due process as their guilty verdict was rendered on Nov. 8, 2016 and since that time they have repeatedly demanded a Red Queen’s justice. 

Absent in the midst of their faux moral outrage, is any attention or even mention of an investigation based on a known fake dossier bought and paid for by Democrats for Democrats and used by the politicized upper echelon of our intelligence community as a basis to illegally spy on a Republican campaign. They woefully ignore the seriousness, to this nation’s detriment, of intelligence activity utilized for political purposes.  

And it hasn’t gone unnoticed that there isn’t any mention or interest in a personal e-mail server known to have carried highly secretive information and breached by enemies of our nation.  Nor any genuine investigation or charges forthcoming despite such fluorescent facts that upon its, discovered existence, the deletion of 33,000 e-mails, personal servers wiped with bleach and a number of cell phones destroyed with use of hammers.

These self-absorbed Democrat Verbal Kants promote, embrace and sensationalize their fictional Keyser Sose and Kobayashai story claiming a “constitutional crisis while aiding and abetting Democrat operatives who perpetrated the collusion and obstruction mendacious plot in the first place.  And just as a matter of comparison, and to show how asinine their behavior, it took a Civil War to create a genuine constitutional crisis.

The Democrats’ continued histrionics are nothing but a fraudulent show for their continued deterrence of Trump’s agenda, a deterrence designed to achieve what they failed to achieve by a vote.   A viable agenda that has left them in emotional fear as the reality sets in of Trump’s political will to push his campaign promises that have unleashed the potential of this nation not realized since 1969, and results that dash their hopes in 2020.     

It is also a driven emotional fear that William Barr is undeterred in his investigation of  the genesis that brought about the dossier, the FISA warrants, etc., and acted upon by the Obama DOJ, its intelligent community, the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton that has cause this nation needless inquiry consuming precious resources and time that would be better served solving this nation pressing problems.

The Democrats continue to claim that Donald Trump and William Barr are unfit to serve because they are both flawed characters.  Jimmy Carter who was our most intelligent President and “without known character flaws” was a dismal failure. We also experienced eight years of calm, cool, gifted speaking Barack Obama and his sidekicks Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch and what was the result?  “You can keep your doctor”, “Fast and Furious” Benghazi, pallets loaded with American dollars sent to Iran, and a conversation on a tarmac about grandchildren. hat Donald Trump has turned this nation around and upward in less than two years even as they continue to tie one hand behind his back is one of the Democrats agonizing dilemmas   

A cartoon aptly sums up another of the Democrats dilemmas and further supports the belief that Democrats are not positioned to govern.  It depicts a shark about to gobble up an octopus.  A caption above the octopus reads “Oh great and I just ran out of ink.” The Democrats are out of ideas. It is, in part, a consequence of their continued movement to the left. The progressive faction of the Democrat Party dominates and it has pledged allegiance to identity groups, promotes political correctness, limits free speech, to facilitate their continue propaganda parade with the intent of moving their abnormal agenda from mere socially acceptable to normal.  Unfortunately, if the Democrats win in 2020 this progressive faction’s agenda will prevail, and they will demand among other things an historic revisionism so severe George Washington won’t even earn a footnote in American History. They demand this historic revisionism to legitimize themselves while de-legitimizing all they oppose.

Dennis Petrucelli is a resident of the Village of Bonnybrook.