Villager strikes out in request for metal roof at his courtyard villa

A homeowner struck out in his request before the Architectural Review Committee on Wednesday morning for a metal roof on his courtyard villa.

Mark Aumann was hoping to put the metal roof on his home on Resmondo Road in the Clifford Villas, located across the street from the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market at Sarasota Plaza.

Metal roofs are more energy efficient as they reflect sunlight back into the sky.

“I am talking about energy. It’s extremely important, the efficiency,” Aumann told the ARC.

However, members of the ARC said they feared the metal roof would stick out like a sore thumb.

“This is a courtyard villa. That roof would be very unique and not compatible with the other courtyard villas,” said ARC member Joel Best.

Fellow ARC member Daniel Warren agreed.

“With all due respect, it’s about the aesthetics of the neighborhood,” Warren said.

ARC Mark Welzel said a request of this magnitude should be taken by Aumann to his community development district board.

The ARC voted to deny the application.