Golf cart traveling on County Road 466 brings traffic to a crawl in The Villages

A misguided motorist behind the wheel of a golf cart brought a large line of vehicles to a crawl during busy lunchtime traffic on Friday on County Road 466.

The golf cart made it all the way to the Morse family compound before a Sumter County sheriff’s deputy was able to get the attention of the driver of the golf cart and make him pull over.

A Sumter County sheriff’s deputy stopped a man driving a golf cart Friday on County Road 466.

Behind the golf cart was a long line of vehicles, including a cement truck.

Law enforcement in and around The Villages is frequently called upon to pluck golf carts from roadways on which they do not belong.

This past December, a snowbird looking for the Tierra Del Sol Recreation Center headed east on County Road 466 and made it all the way to U.S. Hwy. 27/441 in Lady Lake before she realized her mistake.

There are plenty of other examples:

Earlier this year, a lost snowbird was found driving a Yamaha two-seater in the area of Buena Vista Boulevard and County Road 466A

Last year a Village of Belvedere man got jail time after he drove a golf cart all the way to the intersection of County Road 466 and U.S. 301.

A Pennsylvania snowbird was also sentenced last year for his trip down County Road 466 in a golf cart.