Judge ‘corrects’ sentence to allow Villager supervised contact with minor family members

James Michael Haymaker

A judge has “corrected” a sentence so that it will allow a 67-year-old Villager accused of sexually assaulting a teen visiting his home to have supervised contact with family members who are minors.

James Michael Haymaker had been arrested in 2017 on two counts of sexual assault.

Last month he was sentenced to five years probation on reduced charges of child abuse without great bodily harm. However, after the sentencing, Haymaker’s attorney, Jay Rooth, discovered that the clerk’s office did not include all of the sentence details in the court’s disposition paperwork.

Specifically, the clerk left out that Haymaker “is permitted to have contact with familial minors if the contact is supervised by the minor’s legal guardian at all times.”

Judge William Hallman III granted Rooth’s motion to correct the record to allow the contact.

Other terms of the plea agreement require Haymaker to have no contact with minors, no contact with the victim and he was ordered to write a letter to the victim “apologizing for the effect this has had on the family.” He was also ordered to complete a psychosexual evaluation. The lesser charge means Haymaker does not have to register as a sex offender. 

Haymaker was accused of having sex with the teen who had been staying at his home at 3571 Amish Path, not far from the Manatee Recreation Center. Haymaker allegedly told the 16-year-old she could bring her boyfriend with her to The Villages the next summer if she allowed Haymaker to have sex with her. She laid down on the bed and Haymaker used KY Jelly to prepare the girl for sex, according to the arrest report. He ejaculated inside her “by accident,” the report said.

The alleged abuse took place at James Haymaker’s home on Amish Path.

The girl alleged that the abuse began when she was seven years old.

The victim, whose exact relationship to Haymaker has been redacted from arrest reports and court records, said that over the years the sexual abuse would stop for a while and then start again.

She described an incident in which she woke up naked in Haymaker’s bed. He admitted that he took her from her bed, undressed her and put her in his bed, according to a document on file in court. She also claimed that when she was 14 or 15, Haymaker tried to persuade her to perform oral sex on him, but when she gagged, he pulled down her bottom garments and performed oral sex on her, according to the document.