Villager with ill husband pleads for help with dogs using her yard as ‘toilet’

A Villager whose husband is undergoing chemotherapy pleaded for help with neighbors’ dogs using her corner lot “as a toilet.”

Geraldine Macioce, who lives at 3702 Mango Court in the Village of Dunedin, spoke out Thursday afternoon before the Community Development District 10 Board of Supervisors.

She said she had a little sign in her yard asking that dog owners respect her property and not use it as a place for their pets to relieve themselves.

“We own a corner property and every dog walker in the area uses it as a toilet,” she said.

It had to be removed because an anonymous complaint was lodged about her sign and two others in the neighborhood.

Macioce said her husband has cancer, undergoing chemo and in fragile health.

“He can’t even go near animals. It is a health issue. A complete health issue. This is a total 100 percent health matter. And we are tired of it,” she told the CDD 10 board.

Supervisor Christine Bradshaw asked Macioce if the sign had been working.

“It was working up until the day we got the anonymous complaint,” she replied.

She was reminded that she had signed a deed restriction agreement, therefore had agreed not to place such a sign in her yard.

“I didn’t sign an agreement to have dog poop on my lawn every day,” he said.

CDD Chairman Don Wiley offered sympathy for her plight.

“I feel for you. It is a problem all over The Villages,” he said.