‘Exit Laughing’ a terrific comedy at Melon Patch Theater

Don Simson

“Exit Laughing,” by Paul Elliot, as presented by the Tavares Community Theater Company will bring a lot of laughs and situations that everyone can appreciate.
Four (divorced) women who have met every week for their bridge game have to deal with the death of one their group.
Mary has died and was cremated. On the night of the bridge game, Millie (Noel Miller), who is slightly out of touch with the world, sneaks the urn out of the funeral home and brings it to Connie’s (Mia Reeves) house.
Leona (Cindy Stewart), a constant imbiber, arrives and is aghast at the thought of “Mary” being there. Rachel (Laura Law), the 22-year-old college daughter of Connie, comes home from a broken date and has a hissyfit about her date and swears off men.
All are lamenting Mary’s death when a package, with the dessert, is delivered, as it was Mary’s turn for treats.

“Exit Laughing” runs through June 17 at the Melon Patch Theater in Leesburg.

While anticipating the criminal act and the consequences, a policeman shows up and informs the women “They have been very bad.”
The sequence that follows is one not to be missed when they find out “Office Bobby” is not a real cop but prearranged by Mary to perform and spice up the party.
Rachel comes back and is mortified to the extreme by what she sees going on with her mother and others. (To say any more will ruin a great evening of fun and laughter.)
The acting is top shelf and very well cast by director Dennis Gleason. “Exit Laughing” will run till June 17 and is being held at the Melon Patch Theater in Leesburg. Tickets can be purchased by contacting tavarestheater.org or calling (352) 343-9944.

Villager Don Simson reviews local theater for Villages-News.com