‘Keep America Great’ response to Ray McClean

To the Editor:

Ray McClean please tell me what “good things” your president has done.
Is it the rolling back of environmental, consumer and finance protections? Is it the reclassification of high-level radioactive waste to low risk to reduce clean-up costs at nuclear weapons sites? Oh, I know. It’s the tax reform that benefited the top one percent and corporations tripling our deficit. No? It might interest you to know that the House passed over 100 Bills, some bipartisan, concerning, guns, healthcare and violence against woman. McConnell’s Senate has taken action on none.
After the Saudis butchered an American journalist, he made an arms deal with them putting money ahead of morals. In addition he is handing over to them, without Congressional approval, sensitive weapons technology to produce high-tech bomb parts.
He continually thumbs his nose at the rule of law. I urge everyone to read the Mueller Report. I am. Contrary to Barr’s whitewash, it is clear he has and continues to obstruct justice. A pity I’m relegated to only 1,000 words.

Marie Zielenski
Village of Woodbury