Villager speaks out against costs of Community Watch

A Villager spoke out against the costs of Community Watch during a discussion of the Amenity Authority Committee’s 2019-2020 budget.

Bob Bassett, of the Village of Springdale, told AAC members on Wednesday that he has taken a hard look at the budget for Community Watch, which next year will be in excess of $7 million. The AAC’s portion of the Community Watch budget will be $2.73 million. Bassett said the Community Watch budget has increased by more than $800,000, or 11 percent.

He said his analysis showed that each and every action by the Community Watch costs $26.

“That could be checking my ID at the pool,” he said.

He also took aim at the manned gates in The Villages.

“I don’t think we need them. All they do is perpetuate the illusion that we have a ‘gated’ community,” Bassett said.

He said the gate attendants are not essential.

“Why do we need someone to wave to them when they come through the gates?” Bassett asked.

The AAC approved the budget and offered no rebuttal to Bassett’s commentary.

You can see the entire AAC budget at this link: FY19-20_Proposed_Budget_Packet_-_RAD___Fitness_Funds