Hacienda Hills Country Club

To the Editor:

I’ve only eaten there twice. The first time was in 2012. The last time was in 2015 for a late lunch. I waited for a friend to join me and forgetting how loud everything was in there. The hostess received a phone call for a reservation and said to the caller: “Please hold a minute. I have to go outside because I can’t hear you inside, because it is so noisy in here.”
Although the place made a beautiful architectural impression on us, no one ever realized in building it that the noise of people talking and having a good time would continue to bounce off walls and ceilings. When the tallest ceiling is 3 stories high …. do you get it?
Unfortunately that is the challenge in most restaurants in The Villages. Only a few put sound ceiling tiles, or artistic barriers on the walls to absorb the sound.
Let’s face it, when we go out to eat with friends, we want to be able to have conversations and hear each other.

Dee Logé-Wacker
Village of Calumet Grove