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AAC continues to hear from dog owners unhappy about air gun range renovation

The Amenity Authority Committee continues to hear from residents unhappy about renovations at an air gun range that include blocking access to an unofficial dog park.

Villagers are not happy at the impending loss of access to open land located behind the air gun range at the Rio Grande Family Pool. Many Villagers take their dogs there on an almost daily basis to allow their pets to run free.

The AAC’s legal counsel, Lewis Stone, at Wednesday’s meeting at Savannah Center, repeated his previous assertion that the land is private property not owned by the AAC. He said by allowing access to the land means the AAC “would participate” in trespassing.

Villager Jerome Johnson took aim at the air gun range renovation, which is expected to cost in excess of $200,000.     

“The cost benefit is way out of whack,” said Johnson, who indicated he believed The Villages Air Gun Club is receiving favorable treatment not afforded to other clubs in The Villages.

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