Trump is a racist, plain and simple

To the Editor:

The Bill Of Rights, Amendment one, in our Constitution, guarantees each and every American Freedom of speech, religion, and a free press. When we see or feel injustice, we demonstrate in different ways;  Talk radio, newspaper articles, demonstrations in the streets, etc.  It is our given right to do so, as per our Constitution.
We stand for our flag to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom;  On what unites  us, which is being an American;  To salute the principles of justice.  The unwritten principle in this matter, is to call attention to injustice.  That is exactly what several NFL team players did, this past pro football season;  They put their livelihood on the line to call attention to injustice.  One player  was dropped by his team. They “took a knee”, not in disrespect for our flag, but to express their right to call attention to an injustice that has been done to members of their race. Everyone knew what they were doing.  People of all races have demonstrated, at different times in their lives, to call attention to some form of injustice. The point is, we all knew what they were doing.  That is, all except Trump.
A matador’s cape is red;  Put the face of Trump on the bull, and the matador’s cape would have to be black. When Trump saw that the NFL players “took a knee” during our National Anthem, he knew what they were trying to call attention to, but he saw black, and became enraged.  To him, it was showing disrespect for our flag;  (Didn’t matter that he, himself,  had shown disrespect for our flag, with his four “Bone Spurr” deferments from the draft.) Trump is a racist, plain and simple.
If those NFL players had been white, Trump would have just questioned their reason for  kneeing.

Hugo Buchanan
Lady Lake