CDD 10 holds followup discussion about complaint about neighbor’s lush landscaping

The Community Development District 10 Board of Supervisors on Thursday held a followup discussion about a complaint heard from a Villager earlier this year about a neighbor’s lush landscaping.

The board in April heard from Ralph Durban, who lives in the Harlow Villas in the Village of LaBelle North. At that time, the board agreed to take a second look at the language in its architectural review manual about both courtyard villas and patio villas. 

A neighbor’s lush landscaping prompted a complaint in the Harlow Villas in the Village of LaBelle North.

The language governing CDD 10 courtyard villas is as follows:

The courtyard villa front yard area consists of the area in front of the gate. Landscaping plans, with or without curbing, edging and landscaping walls are permitted in the front yard area up to the street pavement, shall not disturb the grading of the dominant easement area and shall be kept a minimum of three (3) feet from the neighbor’s front yard wall / fence for aesthetics, maintenance, storm water maintenance and drainage purposes.

CDD 10 Chairman Don Wiley noted that he lives in a courtyard villa and understands there is a certain amount of closeness.

A side-by-side comparison of the two homes.

“Living in a courtyard villa, you have to have some cooperation with your neighbor,” Wiley said.

District staff noted that Durban’s is the only complaint that has been received in CDD 10.

The CDD 10 board agreed to leave the ARC manual language alone.