Villager makes plea to keep nearly 300-pound lawn ornament in her yard

A Villager made a plea to keep her nearly 300-pound lawn ornament in her yard.

The circle garden bell lawn ornament at the home of Walter and Anna Tomaszewski, at 3181 Raven Croft Terrace in the Village of Sanibel, was the subject of a public hearing Thursday afternoon before the Community Development District 9 Board of Supervisors.

A complaint about the yard ornament was received May 23 by Community Standards. The Tomaszewskis took their case before the Architectural Review Committee on June 13, but that body determined the request did not fall under their purview.

This yard ornament will have to be moved at a home in the Village of Sanibel after a complaint was received.

Ann Tomaszewski made an appeal before the CDD 9 board in a bid to keep the large yard ornament.

“This piece has been there for six years. My neighbors don’t care,” she said.

The ornament was created by Henri Studio and cost $850.

She offered pictures of the lawn ornament.

“You can barely see this from the street. I would like you to make an exception and let me leave it where it is. It complements the house,” Tomaszewski said.

Anna Tomaszewski provided this photo to show the lawn ornament has not been visible from the road for six years.

However, board members said that was not an option.

“If we make an exception it opens the door for a number of other possible exceptions,” said CDD 9 Chairman Jack Reimer.

Tomaszewski indicated she has already made arrangements to have the yard ornament moved next week onto her porch.

If she fails to do so, she could face a series of fines.

After the meeting, Tomaszewski said she plans to plant tomatoes in the spot where the lawn ornament had previously been located. The planting of tomatoes is now permitted thanks to action by the legislature allowing vegetable gardens in front lawns.

Tomaszewski said the deed compliance officer said the complaint about her lawn ornament came in via the email address:

Tomaszewski said she sent an email to the address, inviting the sender to Thursday’s meeting. She did not receive a reply.

The Tomaszewskis purchased their home in 2012 for $346,000.