Latest sinkhole in Village of Alhambra stirs concerns among already-rattled residents

The Friday-night evacuation of a couple from their home in the Village of Alhambra after the discovery of a sinkhole is stirring concerns among already-rattled residents.

An orange notice has been posted at the home at 1613 Duran Drive, informing the public that the house is “unsafe and its use or occupancy has been prohibited.”

This notice has been duct-taped to a home in the Village of Alhambra where a sinkhole was discovered.

This latest depression has formed during a long painful period of coping with sinkholes.

Village of Alhambra residents remain upset about the lack of progress at a home damaged by a sinkhole in 2017 during Hurricane Irma. The home at 2536 Botello Ave. in the Village of Alhambra has been purchased by the same company that purchased two homes damaged by sinkholes in February 2018 in the Village of Calumet Grove.

A couple was evacuated Friday from this home in the Village of Alhambra.

“I would not want something like that in my neighborhood,” said Community Development District 2 Supervisor Bill Schikora, of the damaged home on Lago De Leon, where homeowners paid a premium for a water view.

The vacant home appears to have attracted snakes and wasps.

Last year, the CDD 2 Board of Supervisors agreed to tap into reserve funds to pay for $100,000 in sinkhole repairs at Lago De Leon. Over the past decade, CDD 2 has spent $78,000 repairing sinkholes at that particular pond.

Village of Alhambra residents packed an Aug. 10, 2018 CDD 2 Board of Supervisors meeting to express their unhappiness with the condition of the pond.