Former Villagers want back golf cart linked to woman’s death at Brownwood

Timothy Jacob Foxworth

A former Villages couple wants back their golf cart linked to a woman’s death in 2017 at Brownwood.

An attorney for 38-year-old Timothy Jacob Foxworth on June 26 filed a motion for the return of his parents’ 2015 Yamaha golf cart, which had been held as evidence in the death of 51-year-old Shelly Osterhout. Foxworth had been drinking at City Fire at Brownwood when he met Osterhout, who was visiting her father in The Villages. They left together in his parents’ golf cart from which she fell, suffering a fatal head injury. Foxworth told police he “panicked,” dragged her body into a flower bed and drove away. She was discovered by Good Samaritans who called for an ambulance. She later died at Ocala Regional Medical Center.

Shelly Osterhout

The golf cart had been at the center of a forensic study that helped Foxworth’s attorney win a reduction in charges that allowed his client to walk away with a sentence of one year of probation and 50 hours of community service. Attorney Andrew Moses had engaged the services of a forensic technology engineering firm that wrote a voluminous report concluding that Osterhout fell from the golf cart when Foxworth cut a sharp U-turn after realizing he was driving his parents’ golf cart in the wrong direction. The report inferred the fall was Osterhout’s fault.

The Foxworths sold their home in the Village of Gilchrist after their son’s arrest and moved to North Carolina, where their son also resides.

Osterhout’s father and son have both expressed their disbelief in the sentence handed down in her death.