Lawn ornament removal could make room for front-yard garden

To the Editor:

A recent change in Florida law, signed by Governor DeSantis, permits residents to have a vegetable garden in their FRONT lawn. The Villages no longer has any say in the matter.
The Tomaszewskis, if forced to remove a garden bell, which reportedly is not visible from the street, should remove the bell and then plant six rows of sweet corn and a watermelon patch on their front lawn so the low-life who filed the complaint against the bell will have to look at it every day.
Granted it would not be fair to the other neighbors, but we can dream, can’t we?
In the meantime, the standards which govern what is an objectionable/acceptable lawn ornament cry out for review as new circumstances (like an ornament that is not visible) come up.
Hopefully this would put the disgusting complainants out of business.

William Bolash
Village of Winifred