This reality show series is in full swing

Hugo Buchanan

Maestro, having just finished his last cheeseburger, sets his voice remote on his nightstand, all three TVs lit up, with only Fox News blasting propaganda (excuse me, audio). His blackboard, showing scribbled notes, shows a list of  “do next” tweets. Studying his notes, he is getting much closer to having all equations needed for 2020.

Allow a scenario for what could be in store for our democracy: Maestro  has set the stage for what we may see in the next cycle. Hannity is the producer, Fox and Friends wear neckties with the familiar hanging posture, and Script Writer Incumbent Barr is in charge of approving contestants. Hope Hicks has agreed to be the mystery guest.  Mitch the ditch is shoeshine boy, and has agreed to serve as Best Boy. Conway cares for press briefings, and sets traps by transversing the campus at different angles, depending on the nature of press interest. Hucklebee Lucklebee Saunders has been demoted to coffee carrier and makeover artist.

The lost soul  in charge of it all, has discovered the formula to stir up turmoil amongst the ranks of the Dem’s House, and you can expect this to continue at a fire and fury unthinkable with past gestures and jives.  This country’s association with North Korea has turned into comic strip characters Mutt And Jeff.

I do believe that Maestro’s support is much larger that what all pollsters show, and there may not be much that the Dems can do about it;  This reality show series is in full swing, folks, and will continue for the next 5 1/2  years.  And should golf caddy Graham have any pull,  a Constitutional Amendment could change that matter a bit. With all future rallies, our artist, with his  magic knack for non-truths, will convince thousands and thousands of so far non-convinced souls, that all sounds exiting this maestro’s vocal vocabulary is the truth and nothing but. And the Dems are responsible for no wall, no infrastructure bills, no money for illegal immigrant containment, and no kidding’, folks. No Bible is needed nor called for.  (Although the Bible Belt were all convinced from day one;  Even crowd size was agreed to amongst all.)

The red phone on the nightstand hardly ever rings, but Putin has assured #1 that he has his interest at heart.

This idiotic excuse of a human has the ability, at his rallies,  of  getting  his followers in an uproar about different matters, and reminds me of watching the History Channel, with news footage of the madman of World War II era.

All ye followers of this lost soul know, in your hearts, that his speeches are all non-truths, but he has you figured out;  He knows how you wish things could be, and he will do his best to provide this Big Rock Candy Mountain for you to dwell upon.  Wake up people, before it is too late.

Global warming is right around the corner,  and with 5 1/2 more years of non-support from the middle of this continent, yours and mine grand/great grandchildren could be the first to see and experience its impact.

People, you all know that this man is not normal;  The ONLY thing that matters to him is keeping his name in the daily (seven days a week) news headlines;  Matters not if the news about him is positive or negative.  Just to be in the headlines. He cares only about the well being of two souls:  Himself, followed by Ivanka. Wake up, people!

Time now for lights out, after a final review of the tweet list.  As he reaches for the lamp switch, and lights out, the last thing to pop into his mind is those three million lost votes, and Hillary.

Hugo Buchanan is a resident of Lady Lake.