Villager who claimed Indian sovereignty poised to escape prosecution in drug case

Reginald Odell Kincer

A Villager arrested last year with drugs at Laurel Manor Recreation Center who claimed immunity due to “Indian law” is poised to escape prosecution in the case.

Reginald Odell Kincer, 73, of the Village of Tamarind Grove was arrested Sept. 6 with marijuana, cocaine and drug equipment.

In court filings, the Tennessee native claimed membership in the Oklevueha Nation Native American Church.

“Let us enjoy our retirement and receive the benefit of dedication of my life to a full spiritual life serving the lord,” Kincer wrote to the court.

He argued he has the right to consume “sacraments on or off the reservation everywhere in the U.S.”

He claimed he has obtained a medical marijuana card and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

“It’s my life’s work to help people having similar problems find legal and safe alternatives to dangerous addictive drugs, both legal and illegal,” Kincer wrote.

Last month in Sumter County Court, Kincer was allowed to enter into a pre-trial intervention contract which orders him to stay away from illicit drugs, with the exception of marijuana if he can prove he has a medical marijuana card. He has also been instructed to get a drug and alcohol evaluation “if necessary.”

Kincer’s progress is to be monitored, with random drug screens, over a 90-day period. If he successfully completes the terms of the contract, the charges against him will be dropped.