Villager surprised to spot bobcat on wall outside his home

A Villager was surprised to spot a bobcat walking on the wall behind his home.

The bobcat was spotted Saturday morning at the home of Doug Byers at 3728 Infinity Run in the Village of Hillsborough.

This bobcat was spotted walking on a wall behind a home in the Village of Hillsborough.

“This cat was whining like it was hungry and it looked malnourished,” Byers said. 

The Florida bobcat is identifiable by its short tail and the fringes of fur that outline the sides of its head. It weighs between 13 and 30 pounds and has a tail with white on its underside and black markings on its top side.

Bobcats are mainly nocturnal hunters who may also prey during the daylight hours. During the summer the Florida bobcats will eat mostly local fauna including squirrels, opossums, rabbits and raccoons. During the winter months, they hunt birds that pass through Florida to escape the cold up north.