Trump The Terrible

Hugo Buchanan

I agree with Mr. Dockham’s recent letter, where he referenced a recent article, from, and  written by Burt Newborne, who is the Norman Dorsen Professor of Civil Liberties and founding legal director of NYU School of Law’s Brennan Center for Justice. 

Mr. Dockham and Professor Newborne are both correct in their opinions of our idiotic Commander In Chief. (Did ANYONE ever imagine that a complete idiot would ever get to hold this distinguish title?) Donald Jackass Trump, if NOT re-elected, is capable of starting a revolution in this country. There has already been mentioned, in the media, and on talk shows, that if not re-elected, Trump could refuse to leave The White House. It’s hard to imagine that any matter of this nature, would ever have been a possible thought in anyone’s mind.  There are already many radical and extreme hate  groups, live and well, in this country, that could jump at any chance of implementing their drastic thoughts into reality. 

And now Trump is starting to badmouth his “truthful” news outlet, Fox News, for publishing new polls data showing Biden over Trump for reelection. Better be careful, Trumpet m’boy;  if Fox News turns into fake news, who can you depend on to spread your lies?  Some Russian Gazette?  The National Enquirer?  You could find yourself surrounded completely by all of the hate groups that you are so fond of.  Oh, you would still have your cabinet members, Court Jesture McConnell,  Sir Sean Hannity,  Friar Mike Pence, Earl Of Central SC Lindsey Olin Graham, and, of course, Your grace, Princess Ivanka.

One can only imagine what another four years of Trump The Terrible in charge would look like:  There would be no possibility of anything getting accomplished via any bills from The House reaching the Senate floor, as McConnell’s trash can would be overload with rejects.  We can only hope that, at least, The House will remain in the majority of common sense.

Hugo Buchanan is a resident of Lady Lake.