Gun owners must be responsible for the weapons they own

Hugo Buchanan

Soon, Wayne LaPierre will be headed for his foxhole, followed shortly by Senator McConnell, the most worthless being ever produced by the state of Kentucky. And the NRA will spring into a defensive reaction. As of this writing, 20 deaths so far, at the hands of a twenty-something year old white male, reportedly from Dallas, Texas.

Texas is an “open carry” state, bragged about by using that phrase, by the Texas governor.  Law enforcement gets word that a shooting is “in progress” in the mall, or maybe Wal-Mart. Open carry has made a cumulative response, as good samaritans are also on hand, shopping.  Guns drawn on all sides, now, “whoever is  shooting at whomever?” Luckily, cool heads have prevailed, as of this writing, and fake news updates. 

From Columbine, to Newtown, to Oklahoma City, on and on to the present, it’s the same conversation, folks;  I have said, and written the following, more than once, but it bears repeating;  In my opinion, the only solution that will ever work, is to have all gun owners responsible for the weapons that they own legally, and are registered.  When a shooting takes place, if the weapon used is confiscated, and should the serial number be traced to an individual that is not the arrested suspect, then the weapon owner is just as responsible as the arrested suspect.  I believe this to be the only way to have all gun owners take note of their responsibilities.  Changing the Second Amendment would not work, and would never be approved anyway. ALL Assault rifles should be banned, and future production of such be terminated.  (Can you imagine that some individual, whose livelihood depends of his/her employment in a assault weapons factory, be given the pink slip?) And Trump still wants school faculty to be trained as gun slingers.  Have all officials “armed and ready”, while the disturbed individuals lurk in the shadows.

Hugo Buchanan is a resident of Lady Lake and frequent contributor to