Trump’s response to tragic shootings

Hugo Buchanan

It is political, when a politician makes excuses for a tragic event.  It is religion, that is supposed to be the consolation for the event.  It is factual to state what actually happened at the event.  Events happen. Then statements are made with the assumption, or belief, that God was, or was not, responsible for the outcome of the event. Back about 1962, there was a tornado in the state of Ohio, that wiped out an entire neighborhood, with the exception of one lone home.  The home owner, with black paint,  painted a large sign on the outside white wall of his frame house:  “God saved this home”.

It is always like this;  Reverend Billy Graham could offer no excuse as to why God did not interfere with the 9’11 tragedies. If God is the answer, then “why in God’s name”  was there no intervention at Sandy Hook, especially, where twenty precious six & seven year old children were slaughtered? Their small bodies torn apart by missiles of hot lead, that were manufactured by souls perhaps living states away, whose livelihood depends on helping to manufacture these terrible destructive devices. It is their Job.

Jobs are important.  People have jobs to manufacture matches. Some devilish soul turns to arson, and strikes a match  to cause a destructive event.  And one of the most important jobs this world has, is the fireman, who comes to extinguish the blaze.

People go to church on Sunday, some have maids to cook while they are in church. They come home,  places are set at the dining table for parents and children.  But the maid eats in the kitchen.

This has been the ways of life from slavery on and it’s still the same today.  You are not called a racist, because  you are kind to people of color. I  know a person  who is a hardcore  racist. I know this, from visiting Facebook.  After the recent El Paso shootings, this person posted, on Facebook, a prayer, for those lost souls at El Paso. This same person had, a few days earlier, reposted a  Trump “send them back”  tweet. And he has posted many things in Trump’s favor.

President Trump made a religious reply to the El Paso and Dayton, Ohio shootings.  Religious replies are always made after these tragic events, as if religious statements are going to be the answer to all the problems.  

President Trump wants to put an end to the drug cartel;  That would save lives from drug overdoses.  

Everyone would agree that the drug cartel needs to be wiped out. Now, allow me to substitute other values into this same equation;  Replace drug cartel with assault rifles, and Sandy Hook with the drug overdose death.  Assault Rifles now need to be wiped out.  I now need to go back to my ninth grade math teacher, Mrs Teasley, rest her soul, as this formula somehow is not working.   Politicians and the NRA have weaseled their way into this equation.  I have a picture on my Facebook page, “CaptainHugo Videos”, and  the first thing to be seen on my page, is a picture of the Sandy Hook precious souls, and at the bottom of this picture is Senator Mitch McConnell  holding up his rifle, in defiance of any gun control legislation. Gettin a “backgrounds check” bill passed is only a crutch to try to slow the tide a bit.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, will slow this madness, except the removal of all assault rifles from gun shop stores, and stop the manufacture of them.  Any hunter who needs a assault rifle to kill his game, is not only a bad shot, but a very bad sportsman. 

\Donald Trump is responsible for the El Paso tragedies, as sure as I am writing this letter.  He has awakened  hatred in this country, not seen since the 60s.  I have, when I sometimes travel, visited 

fast food restaurants as everyone else does.  At all of these restaurants that have TVs for their patrons to watch, they have ALL been set to Fox News.  The TVs are out of hands reach, and no remotes to be seen.  Years ago I used to watch Fox News nightly, especially Hannity & Colmes, and then just Hannity.  But immediately after President Obama was elected, Fox News changed, overnight.  I could not stand to listen to their lies.  So I switched to what is now called “fake news” by the fakeiest of them all, Donald Jackass Trump.

Senator Mitch McConnell  rejected anything and everything that President Obama tried to accomplish.  Speaker Boehner also did the same.  So President Obama had to rely on the only power he had left, the Executive Order.  Then along comes the orange-haired bully and rejects all of Obama’s Executive Orders.

As long as the NRA exists in its present political ties, nothing will ever change.  Republicans scream bloody murder at the abortionists, yet,  in the same breath, offer a prayer to shooting victims. I understand that McConnell is up for reelection;  “Kentucky, if you’re listening . . . “ 

People use religion as a smoothing, healing aid, and I envy the person that feels protected with prayer.  There is certainly nothing wrong with that.  But these tragic shootings just keep on coming and coming, and should I ever pray for any solution, it would be for God to talk some sense into the skulls of the brainless politicians who keep blocking any measures to halt this madness.

Hugo Buchanan is a resident of Lady Lake.