Disappointed with Developer over ‘offer’ of Hacienda Hills Country Club

To the Editor:

I have been a Villages resident for over 10 years during which time I have been an enthusiastic promoter of The Villages lifestyle opportunities second to none.  However, over the past many months I have become increasingly disappointed with the current Developer and his management team as it becomes increasingly clear that their only priority is to squeeze as much money as possible at the cost of breaking promises made by the previous generations.
I hate to say this, but unfortunately it seems to me that we no longer can trust the word and promises made by the Developer.  So my advice is to not get hoodwinked again by the “opportunity” the Developer is offering us to acquire the now shuttered Hacienda Hills Country Club, UNLESS he covers a clear majority of the cost for the redevelopment of that property!  We should not collectively hold our breaths for that to ever happen.

Bjorn Wiberg
Village of Tall Trees