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Americans turning on each other

To the Editor:

Facts matter people. Yet facts seem to be ignored more and more by my fellow Americans in these opinion pieces. So, let’s look at a few facts and hopefully open some eyes.
On tape we have heard President Obama telling the Russian president he could “do more” after his re-election. How many of the loud haters screaming about Russian collusion were up in arms about that? My guess is none of you.
We also know the DNC and Hillary paid for the Steele dossier and that Chris Steele wanted to wreck Trump’s campaign. Meanwhile, the Inspector General documented that much of the dossier was given to Steele by Russians. Did any of the haters get up in arms over that collusion or did you ignore it?  I think I know that answer as well.
It’s a fact that Mueller created a team of lawyers that were all hard core Clinton supporters. And we know that after twp years and tens of millions of dollars they came back and said “No Collusion.” In fact, the Mueller report stated that Russia tried six times to work with the Trump team and were rejected all six times. Facts people, as stated by Hillary’s supporters.
Furthermore, President Trump has imposed the harshest sanctions on Russia since the Berlin Wall came down. And he recently pulled out of a medium range missile treaty with Russian because they have been cheating on it for many years.  Yet in spite of these facts, we have haters convinced he’s Putin’s puppet. It’s a known fact that Hillary signed off on the selling of uranium to Russia, why on earth wouldn’t Putin want her in office? A child could see through this lunacy.
For decades military experts have said that Russia’s goal is to build distrust and enmity between the American people and our govt. When I read all the foolishness and hatred on these pages from my fellow Americans, I can only conclude that many of you are doing Putin’s work.
You don’t have to like our president but you should respect the office and the fact that the American people spoke loud and clear when they elected him. Let’s stop the hatred and stop colluding with Russia. You are making Putin very happy.

John Cioma
Village of Chatham

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