Let’s get rid of the anonymous complaint process

To the Editor:

We are back to the crosses again. Let’s get real and get rid of the anonymous complaint ability.
If you have a legitimate complaint about something, file the complaint and let’s deal with it. We do not even know if these complainers even live in The Villages.
They could be devil worshipers for all we know or at least atheists.
I have seen people put a note on someone’s house for a small bird feeder by their kitchen window which was barely visible from the street. It seems these complainers don’t have a life and want to make sure they make other peoples lives as miserable as theirs. This is definitely not a true gated community anymore, so who knows who is making these complaints.
If you think something is wrong and is destroying your neighborhood stand up and say something and see if the majority believe like you. If they don’t, go away.

Dave Dupas
Village of Santo Domingo