Barry Evans
Barry Evans

The lovely blonde who lives in our house and I took a drive over to the St. Pete area as my sister’s son had arranged a birthday surprise luncheon at the Three Olives restaurant.  My nephew can be very persuasive.  The restaurant’s regular opening time is four as they do not serve lunches.  However, he not only convinced to open, but to open just for my sister’s birthday.  There were about 15 of us in attendance, mostly her lady friends, with the whole place to ourselves.  The ladies had a fine time talking and at one point I heard them talking about shingles which surprised me somewhat, but I really paid not much mind.

However, I was more astonished later as I discovered that my sister makes her friends read my weekly musings (sisters can be very supportive). I don’t know if she gives them pop quizzes or what, but they were very conversant on what I have written. They were especially pleased to meet The Blonde in the house and they really like the term “The Blonde in the house.” They are aware of political correctness, but concluded that if someone didn’t like the term they just needed to get a life.  Now possibly that statement could be made, but personally I feel that if someone already has the life they need then they should keep it. There are already too many people especially in government or who want to be in government telling us what to do.  To each his own, I always say!

The above ladies also felt that since they were readers they should have a say in making a recommendation on what I write.  They said that my sister believes that I can write about anything even if I don’t really know the subject.  I don’t know about that, but they determined that I should write about shingles. I will have to admit that I was a little surprised at their subject selection. Frankly, I didn’t think such nice sweet ladies would have any interest in shingles. I do realize that all of them have houses and the houses have shingles on them, but even so it was a strange request. Besides as you are aware, there are all kinds of shingles and they did not specify any particular type.

I suppose that I could mention that back about 1992 or so we were living in Deerfield Beach when one of those damage causing hurricanes came sailing through. It so happened that this house had wood shake shingles for which I never cared. I was sort of hoping that the old hurricane whose name I forget might take the shakes with him. Unfortunately he took a bunch of the neighbors, but only a few of ours. The neighbor’s insurance firm paid him some big bucks to have them replaced. Ours indicated that we only had a few messed up so we were on our own and needed to live with it. Obviously, based on the above, I would suggest to the ladies that they not get wood shakes for their roof. Rather, they should get shingles that a bad hurricane might take and then they can pick out nice new ones and start over.

Finally, it seems that the area in which we now live has houses that are now approaching nineteen years old, and some may need their shingles replaced.  For a while I could not understand why shingles here needed to be replaced so soon.  Heck in Pennsylvania we had fifty year old houses with the same shingles. I was then politely informed that the weather in Florida . . . . Rats, The Blonde just informed me that the ladies were talking about the disease known as shingles.

All, I know about those kind of shingles is that they hurt and itch like heck.  The other kind probably only itch is you are using asbestos shingles, but you can’t use them today anyhow. I guess my advice to the ladies is get your shingles shots, and stay away from wood shakes. They will be better off in both cases.

How’s that for handling both kinds of shingles in one musing!

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