Sprinklers used for ‘water dumping’ will be off this weekend due to saturated ground

Sprinklers used for “water dumping” will be shut off this weekend due to the saturation of the ground.

The ground has become so saturated because of the running of irrigation systems that it has been deemed necessary to give the soil a couple of days to dry out.

The closure of the De La Vista Executive Golf Course marks the 16th executive golf course to be shut down for water dumping, a proactive method of lowering the water levels in the retention ponds, which play an important role in stormwater management in The Villages. There are also closures at championship courses.

Sprinklers have been running along Buena Vista Boulevard and Bailey Trail.

With the daily heavy rainfall, it has been a challenge to manage all of the excess water.

The Villages has received about 26 inches of rain since July 1.

Lake Deaton serves as the “outfall” for the Evans Prairie golf course system. Thanks to all of the excess water, Lake Deaton is up about six to eight feet.

Evans Prairie was to host the first-ever Villages Public Safety Department golf tourney, but that event has been moved to the Bonifay Championship Course.