Daytime lighting of tunnel in The Villages will be subject of experiment

Thomas Griffith
Thomas Griffith

An experiment will move forward that will test daytime lighting of a tunnel in The Villages.

Community Development District 6 Supervisor Tom Griffith raised the issue earlier this year as a safety concern. He described an incident in which he had a near-miss with a pedestrian in a tunnel. During informal conversations with residents of The Villages, Griffith found that many others had similar stories.

The Project Wide Advisory Committee has agreed to move forward with a test that will include power washing a tunnel, whitewashing it and lighting it during the daytime hours. The tunnel that has been selected for the experiment is near Laurel Manor Recreation Center.

Community Development District 8 Supervisor Larry McMurry hailed the experiment as a positive step.

“We have all experienced going through those tunnels and not being able to see because of the darkness,” McMurry said.

PWAC members expressed caution about monitoring expenses during the pilot project. PWAC includes representation from CDDs 5 through 11, as well as the Brownwood commercial district.