This madness has got to stop

Hugo Buchanan

The only thing that’s going to work to stop these mass shootings is a complete ban on all assault weapons.

Two main foes  stand in the way of a ban: The NRA, and gun owners who own assault rifles. Don’t these people realize that people are dying because of no ban?

Background checks are only kicking the can down the road, and everybody knows that!

If you feel as I do, help spread the truth, to your Congressman, newspaper editors, all news media, etc.

This madness has got to stop.

Has everyone forgotten the recent march on Washington D.C. by all the young students crying for help?

Especially after Sandy Hook, one would have thought that something would get accomplished. Illegal drugs are killing our people, and everyone agrees that we need to ban illegal drugs.

Use this same formula for all assault rifles killing our people. And don’t try to tell El Paso that “It’s not the gun.”

Hugo Buchanan is resident of Lady Lake and a regular contributor to