Community Improvement Council looking for members to improve life in The Villages

The Community Improvement Council strives to ensure that suggestions and ideas from village residents are communicated to the correct entity (i.e. District, Developer, Government agency) for review and ensure that the resident receives a response (explaining why it can’t be implemented or how it will be addressed).

These suggestions generally relate to safety and quality of life. Some are easily addressed, some cannot be implemented, while others may require additional public support. In some cases, CIC will help promote or develop initiatives to assist in implementing a suggestion. Examples include wheelchairs for the Recreation Centers, offering protective flashers for residents walking after dark, and collaboration with the District and Public Safety Department in making AEDs available at the squares during evening hours.

CIC is an all volunteer, non-profit organization and has no membership fees and provides support for all Villages’ residents. CIC is looking for new members who are civic-minded, seek personal satisfaction in helping other people, cares about our quality of life, and looking for a way to give back to the community.

CIC collects feedback from residents at each postal station and regional rec centers via the CIC Suggestion Form and drop box/envelop, and CIC’s website.

To learn more about CIC’s and its activities, visit CIC’s website –

If you’re interested, please either send an email to David Carey, President at or Janet Schmidt, Secretary at, or go to and under the “Contact Us” menu, complete a New Member Application online. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to email David Carey, President at