Follow the rules and be a good neighbor

To the Editor:

Forgive me but I am a bit confused about the controversy over lawn ornaments.
I have read the various Opinion pieces but they present a confused theme. Is the issue the placement of lawn ornaments? If so why is this an issue?
Everyone read the deed restrictions and signed a binding document that they understood and would comply.  Now a person decides they do not have to follow the rules? What makes them so special that they feel they can ignore the rules or that the rules don’t or should not apply to them?
Is this the same type of person who speeds on the highway and then complains that when they are caught that it “was not fair” or “everyone else speeds, why did you stop me?”
Does not work on the highway and does now work in The Villages. Or is the issue the anonymous compliant?  The question would be, does it really matter who reported a violation, it is still a violation. Or is the issue that the lawn ornament happens to be a cross versus a Star of David, or Buddha statue or metal sand crane?
Simple solution, move the cross to a place where it is not an issue for deed restrictions:  the porch or stick it on the front door, or stick it on a wall in the home (and contemplate Matthew 6:1), or in the window or in the back yard?
There are lots of places to stick the lawn ornament, just not in the front yard. I like the deed restriction. It keeps neighborhoods from becoming tacky tacky and keeps a nice look to the neighborhood. Simply, just follow the rules and be a good neighbor.

Charles Vaughan
Village of Sunset Pointe