More crimes attributed to Villager’s son who acted as house sitter

Christopher Munday

More crimes are being attributed to a Villager’s son who acted as a house sitter in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

Christopher Munday, 47, who lives with his mother at 1805 Kane Place in the Village of St. Charles, was arrested Monday on multiple charges of fraud, larceny, drug possession and illegal use of credit cards. He was booked on $20,500 bond at the Sumter County Detention Center.

Munday had been jailed twice in June. He was arrested in the theft and subsequent sale of an $11,000 custom-made ring and in the theft of checks from a neighbor lady for whom he had done some work. He was released July 1 on $2,000 bond.

Those cases made the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office suspect there could be more victims and a call was put out to Villagers who had engaged Munday’s services. The new charges include:

• A vacationing Villager who hired Munday to watch her home and her cats returned to find a prescription bottle containing methamphetamine in her refrigerator.

• A Villages couple who used Munday as a house sitter returned from their vacation to discover that Munday had used their wi fi connection and credit cards to transact $400 in Western Union money orders.

• Another Villages couple who had Munday house sit for them while they were away on vacation returned to find traffic counters in their garage. The couple took steps to turn them back over to the proper authorities. The traffic counters were valued at $2,310.

• The theft of three Motorola two-way radios have also been traced to Munday. The radios were valued at $1,611 each.