Homeowner seeks permission to remove trees he claims are danger to his home

A homeowner in The Villages failed to win permission to remove pine trees he claims are a danger to his birdcage.

Joseph Nasti, who lives at 410 San Pedro Drive in the Village of Rio Grande, had his application for tree removal denied Wednesday by the Architectural Review Committee.

A homeowner in the Village of Rio Grande had hoped to remove pine trees he claims are a danger to his home.

Nasti said there are seven pine trees behind his home that are 50 feet tall and are “a danger” to his home and property, according to his application.

He claimed that pine trees attract lightning and “leak plenty of sap, which ruins the screening on the birdcage.” He said he is planning to put on a 36-foot bird cage and “can’t get a warranty that will cover the sap nor the damage that will happen if these trees do fall during a storm or hurricane.”

Nasti also complained that the trees’ pine needles and pine cones clog up his gutters to the point he has to clean them out once a month.

He offered to plant a few small palm trees after the removal of the pine trees.

However, ARC members found problems with Nasti’s application, including the fact a photo that showed four pine trees, rather than seven. That left them wondering where the remaining three pine trees might be located.

Citing a desire for more information, the ARC voted to turn down the application.