Vote Trump and Keep America Great

John Shewchuk

Oh happy days.

No collusion — no impeachment.

We all knew that was the case anyway, but now that the media has deleted it from the front pages — it’s now official. All the while the Trump 2020 movement is gaining steam.  Yet curiously … it’s amazing some folks actually believe that being accused of something is enough to bar someone from being elected. Good grief. They do that kind of stuff in socialist and communist countries. Could we have colluders in our midst?

But no matter, collusion is not a crime. Hillary knows that, because she was able to sell uranium to the Russians. Hillary was accordingly rewarded, and Trump was accordingly vindicated. While the Democrats still support lawlessness with open borders and giving away our hard earned money to illegals, they shamefully continue their socio-economic decay into socialism.

Fortunately, America will never be a socialist country as long as we have our Trump card.  It’s crystal clear that we have no choice other than to re-elect Trump. Just look at the disgusting socialist experiment in California. If you want poop on your streets, sidewalks, and porches — vote Democrat.  If you want lower taxes, better security, and a powerful economy — vote Trump and Keep America Great.

John Shewchuk is a resident of the Village of Calumet Grove and a frequent contributor to