First bridge in place to connect newest Villages to rest of Florida’s Friendliest Hometown

As the old saying goes, “Hang on, help is on the way.”

Villagers who were among the first to settle in the Village of Fenney are probably feeling better about their purchase now that the first bridge is in place to provide golf cart access to the shopping, lifestyle and amenities in The Villages.

The Brownwood Bridge spanning State Road 44 at Meggison Road will connect to a pond bridge behind the Barnstorm Theater at Paddock Square.

The Brownwood Bridge is now in place over State Road 44.

For now, Villagers in Fenney, DeSoto, McClure and other new Villages are satisfying their hunger at a pair of food trucks based at a pavilion near Cattail Recreation Center. One day, that will change when the series of four bridges offers full golf cart access to the restaurants in The Villages.

In all there will be four bridges:

• The Brownwood Bridge

• The Water Lily Bridge will span the Florida Turnpike.

• The Chitty Chatty Bridge will offer access over State Road 44 at Lake Deaton Plaza.

• The Bexley Bridge will connect residents to new offerings in the County Road 501/Warm Springs Avenue area.

The bridges are expected to be ready for use in about a year.

It won’t be a moment too soon with the massive Villages of Southern Oaks on the horizon. Earlier this month it was announced the number of homes allowed in the Villages of Southern Oaks would be boosted another 20 percent under a proposed amendment to Wildwood’s land use plan. The latest amendment will allow 60,449 homes in the development, up about 10,000 from the 49,839 homes in a prior amendment.