Costs should be transferred to those doing the damage

To the Editor:

I do take issue with building permits not having an additional increase in fees for the maintenance of roads because if you search the internet there are numerous state and federal government studies that show heavy trucks damage the roads exponentially more than passenger vehicles. Development and building adds large numbers of heavy vehicles, dump trucks, semis with roof trusses, etc., on local roads causing deterioration of the pavement and pot holes.
It has been stated that a portion of building permit fees are earmarked for new construction, but the fees need to increased to included maintenance also because development and building is causing the majority of the damage on the local roads with heavy vehicles.
I understand you do not want to block building, but I do not think it would hurt to slow down and look at the impacts. Is there going to be enough water for all the additional building? What will the air quality be? Is all the additional building going to cause more sinkholes? What will happen to water quality? It seems to me that building goes unchecked for an increase in revenues and pay. Please slow down and build responsibly, and do not charge the taxpayers for damage done by developers. The costs should be transferred to those doing the damage.

Annette Clement
Village of Hemingway