Developer withdraws offer for AAC to acquire Hacienda Hills Country Club

The Developer has withdrawn an offer made earlier this year for the Amenity Authority Committee to acquire the Hacienda Hills Country Club.

The “opportunity” extended by The Villages Developer was met with howls of disapproval when first brought before the AAC, which oversees amenities north of County Road 466.

It was announced at Wednesday’s AAC meeting that the Developer has withdrawn the offer for the Hacienda Hills Country Club to be acquired. They Developer had made it clear it was expected that the AAC would pay “full market value” for the country club, which shuttered its doors in April after business declined. The country club was the subject of an emergency closure in November due to unclean surfaces and roaches.

Hacienda Hills Country Club

Residents made no secret of their desire to see the AAC steer clear of any acquisition of the country club, which the Developer indicated would not be “a gift” to the AAC.

Previous acquisitions of country clubs, most notably the boondoggle surrounding the El Santiago Club which had to be demolished after being bought for $350,000, have been a major concern.

Community Development District 3 Supervisor Gail Lazenby was one of the most prominent voices speaking out against the acquisition of Hacienda Hills Country Club.

A matter which earlier this week came before the Wildwood Commission offered a window into the possible long-term planning of the Developer. It appears food trucks may be the future in the Villages of Southern Oaks rather than country clubs.

AAC Chair Ann Forrester suggested sending a “thank you” note to the Developer for thinking to offer the country club first to the AAC.

“It never hurts to be nice,” said AAC member Don Deakin.