Plenty of authors in The Villages

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

There are all sorts of people who have written books.  The libraries are full of them. Authors abound especially in The Villages where there are probably more writers per square inch than anyplace else. The Villages should consider entering that fact into their publicity about our community. I have read about author’s colonies all over the U.S. and elsewhere, but I bet that The Villages can hold their own with any of them. There is a neighbor a couple of streets away who has several books of intrigue on Amazon, and in the last Village we lived in there was another nice gentleman who had the same type of book.

However, that is just one type of book. Authors in The Villages cover just about every venue that can be imagined.  At the persistent urging of The Blonde in the house, I joined the group and am now on Amazon. There may be a question as to whether I am a book author since the book in question is essentially a compilation of my columns going back several years.  However, I do have one distinction that possibly distinguishes me from other authors.  The reason being is that my sister sent me a photo of her cat dancing on its hind legs when her copy of the book arrived.  It is possible that my sister was just putting me on, but she is usually very trustworthy so I have no recourse but to accept her explanation.  Why else would a cat dance on its hind legs, unless something unusual was happening?

Publishing a book is time consuming, but at least it can be done without sending a request to a publisher or an agent more or less begging to become a published author.  I do worry about the authors who used to write books telling you how best to secure an agent or succeed with a publisher. On the other hand they have probably found something else to do.  Even self-publishing is not the easiest thing in the world.  Luckily, I had help from a lady in The Villages who is well versed in the process. (She also has a library in her home that probably exceeds the number of books at the county library off 466.)  Her help was key, and I appreciated that help exceedingly.

One of the reasons that I mention the above is that if I can do it so can anyone who likes to write – especially if you do not expect a lot of royalties. It is still good to be able to leave your kids and grandkids a part of you behind in written form.

Having a book on Kindle is a good way to have the younger generation read what you have written as I am not certain that many of them know how to turn the pages of a book.  If that is the case, then I am certain that a grandparent can teach them – especially if started at an early age. By the time they are eight, it may be too late, or at least very difficult.

There are authors and there are authors. One famous one that I am certain that you recall was Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch. You know he was famous if only because of his hyphenated name – plus he gave lectures at Cambridge University a hundred years or so ago. Back then they gave real lectures which may have put some to sleep, but they were full of knowledge some of which went into books.  Basically his premise about writing was that the author had to persuade people through his/her skill I will certainly work on that directive!

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