Food storage and rodent dropping issues force closure of vendor at Lake Square Mall

A food vendor at the Lake Square Mall was shut down last week after a health inspector reported finding 10 violations – two of which were considered high priority.

A health inspector shut down Via Food & Beverage at the Lake Square Mall last week after finding 10 violations.

The inspector visited Via Food & Beverage, located at 10401 U.S. Hwy. 441, Suite 2004, on the afternoon of Sept. 9 and reported finding issues with rodent droppings on shelves by a kitchen entrance and on a dry storage rack. The inspector also found raw beef stored over sausage and raw bacon above brownies in a reach-in cooler, according to a report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

The inspector also cited eight basic violations. Those included:

  • A build-up of food debris, dust or dirt on speed racks.
  • A ceiling tile missing above a kitchen entry door.
  • The floor under soda syrup boxes in the center of the kitchen covered with water.
  • Floors in the walk-in cooler not constructed to be easily cleanable.
  • Grease accumulated on kitchen floor and/or under cooking equipment under fryers.
  • An ice scoop stored in a soiled metal container by an ice machine.
  • A gasket on a double-door cooler torn and in disrepair.
  • Ripped/worn tin foil being used as a food-contact shelf cover.

The inspector returned to the eatery the following morning and reported finding just four basic violations. The business was then allowed to reopen at 9:41 a.m.