Prosecutor’s office 0-3 in cases involving Villager and troubled son

David William Arnold

A 71-year-old Villager with an adult son with a history of arrests won’t be prosecuted in a drunk driving case. This marks the third time the prosecutor’s office has elected not to prosecute the troubled twosome.

David William Arnold, of the Village of Santiago, had been arrested in June on a charge of driving under the influence after his 31-year-old son, Parker Arnold, called 911 to report his father was driving drunk.

When a deputy arrived at the home at 1208 Carvello Drive, he saw the elder Arnold drive a silver Toyota down the street and into the home’s garage. The deputy had been called a short time earlier to a separate incident at the Arnold home and had seen Arnold sitting on the front porch drinking an alcoholic beverage.

Arnold agreed to take part in field sobriety exercises, but said it would be difficult for him to perform the exercises due to previous hip surgery. He had trouble touching the tip of his nose and reciting the alphabet. He provided a pair of breath samples with each registering .034 blood alcohol content.  The Lexington, S.C. native was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence.

Earlier this month, the prosecutor’s office announced that the case would not be pursued due to legally insufficient evidence.

Parker Jake Arnold

This month, Parker also filed with the court to evict his son from his home. 

Earlier this year, Parker Arnold  learned he would escape prosecution in an attack on his father at their home.

In that altercation, in which the elder Arnold said he had feared for his life, he had tried to restrict his son from taking medication for his bi-polar condition.

Parker Arnold was arrested at the Carvello Drive home in 2017 after he was tracked down in the aftermath of a four-vehicle crash near Wal-Mart in Summerfield. He also managed to escape prosecution in that case.