AAC debates what type of pool will be constructed at new recreation center

The Amenity Authority Committee is looking at what type of pool will be constructed at the First Responders Recreation Center.

AAC members on Wednesday decided the pool, to be located at the recreation center to be built at the former home of the First Baptist Church of The Villages, will be designated as a family pool.

It will be a resort-style pool, but AAC members have yet to decide whether the pool will have an entry style like the pools at the Village of Fenney and River Bend Recreation Center or in the entry style of the pool at Cattail Recreation Center. AAC members will be visiting those pools before making a decision.

The swimming pool at the Village of Fenney.

AAC member Don Deakin fought for a hot tub to be located at the new recreation center’s pool, which will be located in Community Development District 4, where he serves as a supervisor.

Recreation Director John Rohan said the industry has moved away from hot tubs. He said that because of the heat in Florida and the older population with medical issues, hot tubs have not been as desirable here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

The only hot tub at a recreation center in The Villages is at the Southside Recreation Center on the Historic Side of The Villages. There are hot tubs at three priority pools at country clubs in The Villages, all north of County Road 466.

Some residents attending the meeting said they would like to see a hot tub at the new pool.

“I am in favor of a hot tub. I understand some people should not use a hot tub due to health issues, but that should be a matter of personal responsibility,” said Villager Ruth Jackson.

AAC Chair Ann Forrester warned that a hot tub would require a great deal of monitoring.

“With a 104 degree temperature, you should only be in it for a short amount of time. There are pitfalls of having a hot tub. We can talk about personal responsibility, but it’s still a safety issue,” she said.

AAC member Carl Bell made a motion not to include a hot tub at the new pool. The committee voted 4-1 in favor of Bell’s motion. Deakin opposed the motion not to have a hot tub.