Commissioners are deaf to protests

To the Editor:

I agree that a modest tax increase may be due after many years without an increase. I do not agree that long time residents should be made to bear the cost of new infrastructure south of County Road 466A.
I do not believe that a 25 percent tax hike is reasonable because most residents have fixed incomes. These facts are particularly true when the Developer paid for new roads in the past before turning them over to the county but now, for no apparent reason, the Developer skates free.
It is obvious the commissioners are not representing the majority of people and are deaf to their protests. It is obvious too that the Commissioners must be deriving some unknown benefits for taking such a controversial position in the face of such overwhelming opposition. In sum, the current commissioners should be investigated for potential kick-backs.
And, clearly these commissioners should be voted out of office and replaced with individuals responsive to the desires of the majority of residents.
Finally, the Morse family which has derived the most benefit from The Villages, must take a stand in support of the majority of the residents in seeking other reasonable options to mitigate this tax increase. Their silence has been deafening. In all, I, as well as most of the other residents are frustrated and angry because of the manner in which this inequitable increase has been forced upon us. Some form of immediate action is necessary whether legal or otherwise.

Tony Licate
Sunset Ridge in the Village of Sunset Pointe